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Gramma, Grampa and the Three Bears

We can tell when autumn has come to Bozeman when the bears are back in town! If you haven’t purchased a copy of my friend Jack Day’s book, Gramma, Grampa and the Three Bears, you must! It’s a darling book with wonderful illustrations. 

Testimony from a happy customer: 

I so enjoyed reading the book to my 4 1/2 year old grandson last week when we met them at Legoland, CA. They are in Washington and we are in Arizona. I'm so happy I saw the book in your newsletter and had one sent to me. It was a special part of our time with our grandson.  

Thanks for encouraging your friend to publish the story. I'm sure other parents & grandparents have enjoyed reading it to loved ones too.

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An intimate and personal journey to the farm with thoughts from Jane and other Quilting in the Country friends and family. See what life is really like there weekly!

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