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What Others are Saying


Jane often gets emails from customers telling of recent visits to our shop. Here are a few.

I was in Bozeman last week because my daughter was to be married at Chico Hot Springs.  During some of my free time, I visited your shop.  I have never seen such a beautiful place!  Your home is gorgeous and your yard was breathtaking.  I took pictures of your garden.  Your shop was magnificent!
I plan on calling soon to place an order on a few things I saw in your shops.  I love to quilt, needlework, and hook rugs.
I enjoyed talking with your staff.
You’ll be hearing from me, and oh, by the way, I am looking into moving to Bozeman.  I’ve wanted to since my daughter moved there years ago.
Thank you,

Thank you for taking time with me today in my quilt work and for signing my cookbooks.  I so enjoy stopping by and breathing in the creativity and talent and always appreciate you kind guidance and suggestions.  Thank you for giving the community such a warm corner to pull into and inspiring me with your passion for all that is real and abiding.
Thank you.

We were in Bozeman 7 years ago and visited your place.  We had our grandson with us, he was 6 then and he enjoyed our time there as much as I did.  We are planning another trip that way sometime this summer and I plan to make it to your shop and beautiful place.  I get lots of emails from quilt shops, but I can honestly say that I am thrilled when I get my new one from you.  I truly think yours are the best and I enjoy reading them the most.  Looking forward to seeing you in July or August. 

Happy Quilting, Ann.

An intimate and personal journey to the farm with thoughts from Jane and other Quilting in the Country friends and family. See what life is really like there weekly!

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