Your Emails

February 29th, 2016

I LOVE hearing from you. Sometimes when I want to respond with more than a short message I put it off and don’t get a reply emailed. Isn’t that sad?
Here are a couple of messages I received recently:
Sue, who attends almost all the QIC retreats finished her Eleanor retreat quilt recently. She wanted me to see the wonderful shams she created using the same pattern we had used at the retreat. If you love this quilt you can order the pattern from us. Follow this link.


Another wonderful email of our newest great niece, Kendall, on her quilt I sent. We have patterns for this one too.  Follow this link to order.

Someone recommended me for advice on helping to date these Hawaiian quilts and repairing one of them that is damaged and stained. Recently the quilt owner brought the Hawaiian beauties to me to see and they were even more glorious than I had imagined. We will attempt repairing one of the quilts. I think it will take some dying of muslin for the background and testing some solid red fabric to work into the damaged areas. I imagine a bit of bleach or multiple washings to fade the red fabric will be in order. Do you have any ideas how the quilts could be repaired?


Are you beginning to wonder how many items I can find to tempt you from the clearing out the garage?  This week I moved onto my sewing/ laundry/ office room! I’ve mentioned before that it is an embarrassing disaster. I am not sending you any photos of it! I’ve decided to sell some of my collection of quilting books. This week I am including 3 lovely books that might interest you. Last week's offers were snapped up within hours of my sending on the e-letter so act fast!
Baskets and More is from my friends at Country Threads in Garner, IA. I absolutely love the basket motif and this book. The main reason I want someone else to own this book is that I don’t want to be influenced by the great designs. I’m hoping to publish another book myself and I don’t want to be accidentally influenced by another person's work.  The original price was $15.50, now 30% off. Follow this link to order.

Casting Shadows by Colleen Wise. This book is autographed and I love the information on fabric selection in quilt making. It contains useful information on understanding tint, shade, and tone—so much valuable information on fabric usage especially creating quilts with 3-D illusions. However, I decided the quilts are not my style--- whatever, that is!  Help me place this book with a new owner! Original price was $26.95, now 30% off. Follow this link to order.


Stitchin’ for the Kitchen. This book by my friend Judith Lester is autographed. I love her cheerful applications for many kitchen projects. These simple motifs would be wonderful to use for gifts for friends. It’s the same story—even though I love this book and Judith – I don’t want to be distracted. It is my goal to work on my own list of “want to do’s.”  This book was originally $19.99, now 30% off. Follow this link to order.



Join us for First Friday Work on the Wildlife of Yellowstone National Park quilt. You won’t be sorry you joined this circle of amazing women.  Starting at  1pm. No charge for the get-together. Chances are good  you’ll make some new friends.

I took the top to the quilters today! So exciting to have it finished to this point. Order your kit by following this link. Or make arrangements with me to stop by if you are in the area.

I can’t imagine that I haven’t shared this recipe with you in the past because I love it so much. I’ve been making these muffins for many decades. You would be shocked if you saw how well-loved the recipe from my card file is!
 This afternoon I’m going to make a batch of these FIVE WEEK MUFFINS and take a plate full to a couple of friends who need a hug in the form of warm muffins and a jar of Raspberry Jam! Do you have a friend who would love to see you at her (or his?) front door with some just baked muffins?

1 C.  All-Bran
2 C. 100% Bran
½ teas. Salt
1 C. boiling water
1 pint buttermilk
Cream and add to above mixture:
1 ½ C. sugar
½ C. shortening
2 eggs

2 ½ C. flour
2 ½ teas baking soda
Add raisins, dates, nuts or anything else you can imagine to the batter.
I bake in muffin tin lined with cupcake papers. Bake the amount you can use and refrigerate the batter for another day. Bake at 375’ in oven for 20 minutes.

This week we put together this adorable little wool kit for a bunny ornament. Kristin and I had fun going through our boxes of wool and finding a combination we think you'll really like. Order the kit or pattern only by following this link.

Don't forget about our wonderful Barn Quilt Trail kits. Order by clicking on the picture.



Here is another opportunity to snatch up several rotary cutter handles. We can't guarantee the sharpness of the blades but at this price, you're getting a steal anyway! Order by following this link or clicking on the picture.


2016 Retreat Dates at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch have been set!   June 12-14 and September 15-18. Prices for the retreat are $399 for two nights and $525 for three nights. Call or email to reserve your spot. 406-587-8213.

Project details to follow. Join us in this beautiful setting in Gallatin Canyon for a three days of delicious food, quilting and wonderful comaraderie.