Mud Season 2

March 11th, 2016

Kristin and I are taking a little spring break!  My dear friend Sara wrote this letter about the Mud Season several years ago. Recently Sara moved to Helena and she mentioned that she found this letter she had written during the process of moving. I loved it back then and Kristin and I decided you might enjoy reading it again.


 A picture of the house in May-no sign of mud then!

Two years ago I had the adventure of living in a little cottage in the big woods (A rental house on 70 acres of land with evergreens. And maples, of course,) in Weston, Vermont. I drove my way east out of Bozeman and visited friends along the way whom I had not seen for many years. From eastern Wisconsin on, I ran out of friends; and arrived in Vermont just in time for January, February and March!
This is an area that is very rural, yet there are lots of dirt roads that network their way around the hills and dales back onto the paved roads. Neighbors seemed to keep to themselves, yet still waved. I was “the renter in the yellow house down the road”, and folks knew I was there. There was a caretaker who plowed the snow, came by to check on repairs ordered by the owner; chip ice off the roof; and look for damage when windstorms came through. Oddly, the township plowed the roads early every morning before sunrise when only even a skiff of snow had fallen.

I kept the thermostat low, and wore many layers. The cottage was charming but old and drafty. The furnace that clunked and chunked in the cellar (accessed from the outside) ran on fuel oil that we in the west hear so much about. That fuel oil gets delivered in a truck. I had no idea what the tank would cost to refill prior to my departure, so I tried to live as frugally with heat as possible.

Life did not take me long to find the quilt shop in Chester, VT. Every time I stopped by, the “quilt shop ladies” were having a grand old time. They LOVED their jobs. They enjoyed each other, and they enjoyed their customers. They were laughing ALL THE TIME while relishing other’s ideas and creations! It was easy to join in their conversation and be a part of the fun and silliness. I think it was perhaps the 3rd consecutive day I was in the shop and one of the “quilt shop ladies” said to me, “Do you have a home?” That generated another round of belly laughs! It just did not quit! There is something “nice” about quilt shops everywhere. You know you will be welcomed. And enjoyed.

As the winter moved along and March found its way onto the calendar, the MELT began. In Vermont, the spring season seems to come very systematically and methodically, not at all like the schizophrenic spring weather of Bozeman. Vermont’s spring is a step-by-step warming; a steady transformation from the season prior. That nicely plowed dirt road gradually turned into a flaccid, bottomless, tacky tar pit. It grabbed and leached itself onto my tires, toes, anything within its metastasizing reach. Until, until, until my car refused to make it around it’s trap! It happened bit by bit each 24-hour period when a departure from the cottage meant a struggle to reach a destination. There was the yuck, the mud, and THE GOOP. There was nothing to soak up the mess; it wasn’t sinking in. It was JUST THERE!!

The caretaker stopped by one day to replace a long ago cracked window. After getting the job done, we stood outside on the porch talking about the weather with the warming March breeze on our faces. This big, burly, bearded man in his 30s seemed to carry a wizened philosophy about this mud season. He had grown up in the area and was working as a jack-of-all-trades for the seasonal residents; he himself had been a renter in the cabin years ago. He had fond memories of the original owners who had since passed away and were buried up at the Priory north of town. You see, I was renting from those owners’ son who had since married but his new family had little interest in the property.
I’ll never forget the caretaker’s words, as they were a stark contrast to my personal feelings about the mud season. He considered this time of the year as rejuvenation of the ground, and of the earth. It is a time when nature is quiet and still. Almost as if a pause and contemplation is needed for the work ahead, before all energy explodes outwardly. An earthly nap, perhaps? He almost explained it as this earthen body we reside on could not possibly produce its bounty without this hiatus and rest. Hmmm . . . this sure beats MY mud perspective. I have since shared his icky-weather philosophy with many friends. I liked his approach.

Isn’t that just so true? That our personal perspective in and about life, is everything? Our perspective we carry becomes reflective of our mindset of many things. By looking at uncomfortable times with a new and softening eye, the discomfort we feel can change. Perhaps we also open our minds to moments of basic appreciation and possible learning?

Consider: Mud Season can become a time of “New Growth” for all of us, and in many different ways. Hmmm. . . . Enjoy the season!


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