First Glimpse of Retreat Project

May 3rd, 2016

Many of you were so kind in responding to my last e-letter. What would I do without you? Thank you.
It was Sunday afternoon. I was out in the Bunkhouse pushing things around. I have been so slow about getting things organized and looking cute out there! Some friends stopped by wanting advice on a trip to Cuba. It was fun to reminisce about our trip to Cuba four years ago. I’m glad we visited Cuba when we did.
Next a young couple from Las Vegas came to the open door of the Bunkhouse. They were such a delightful couple and didn’t know the QIC retail shop had closed in December. I didn’t realize how much I missed the customers. Chatting with them reminded me how I loved day to day interaction with  customers—at least most of them! The couple got what Bill refers to as “a drink from a fire hydrant”. I’m afraid they went away with more information than they were anticipating. I gave them some leftover giclee prints. They were thrilled and I was glad to give them to someone who appreciated them.

By the way, I've also cancelled the QIC store phone number. If you need to reach me you can always email by replying to these emails or you can use my home number (406-587-8213).


I don’t know if the couple noticed our flower bed by the walkway. I thought you might enjoy seeing our sampler of daffodils. We got so frustrated with trying to keep the deer from chomping up all our tulips that we decided to get rid of them. It was so frustrating and the daffodils are a sweet replacement. Out in the pasture we have a little bed of daffodils that is for cutting and sharing with friends. I was able to share some for May Day. That was special.

I had fun using some of the daffodils on the dining room table. I used some antique bottles from my collection for flowering spring limbs and daffodils. I gave myself a treat of playing with my sheep collection. Fun! Adult play……………….

Speaking of sheep--- Bill really downsized on the lambing project this year. We have these 3 motley, but cute lambs and are expecting a couple more. In past years the lambs have always loved to play Ring Around the Rosie. That’s my name for when they learn to jump through the crouch of the old trees and chase each other around and around in the pasture and back through the trees. Round and round they go! I love watching them from the kitchen window. It is a mystery to me how they repeat this game year after year. The mothers are too large to teach them. Because of the road construction they have been staying behind the barn. I was thrilled when they came over and started playing.  For me it is a rite of spring passage.


  It amazed me to see to see a pair of Canadian Geese out in the pasture. They were in my view from the kitchen window and I wanted to photograph them but knew they would leave if I went near them with the camera. You will need to look very closely to spot the two of them. When I was close by they started walking away rapidly. I was glad that they didn’t fly away. What I heard was the most amazing “conversation” amongst the pair. It was constant chatter. One, I’m assuming the female, had a very high pitched voice. The other, the male I suppose, was a deeper pitch and more vocal. Back and forth their conversation continued. They were definitely having a conversation—probably something to the effect—what is that woman doing out here anyway! In my many years I have never heard anything like it. How wonderful!  Even as they took to the sky the conversation continued.

I have been making headway on the retreat project. Here is a sample of one section of the Montana Star Quilt we are making for this year’s QIC Retreat—June 12-14th and Sept. 15-18th. There are many color options in our kits. I grabbed this one and I like it!  The corners of the quilt will be filled with needle felted flowers. This sweater I felted is an example of what we will be using in the corners of the quilt. I love it! Do you?

If you would like to try the Quilt Smart product you can order from us. Order by following this link.

I’m always curious about new books on the market. These are some I’ve ordered recently. I love them all.  If you buy a copy I will order another for myself as I want them for my own collection. Enjoy!
For Keeps. Meaningful Patchwork for Everyday Living. Amy Gibson features 11 quilts and 5 keepsakes, from her family to yours. Amy’s instructions are easy for beginners to follow, and they inspire quilters of all levels to make items your family will use today and treasure forever. The quilts are beautiful but not fussy so that you and your family won’t hesitate to snuggle under them on movie night, spread them out in the park, prop them up as backyard forts or toss them into the backseat for that family road  trip. These are the moments memories are made of. Follow this link to order.

Amy Butler Decoupage. Yes, I have made decoupage projects in the past. What goes around comes around- right? This book contains twelve fresh, decorative projects for the home. If you love Amy Butler you will love this book. It includes sheets of decoupage paper in twenty of her fabric designs.   Order by following this link.
250 Continuous-Line Quilting Designs for Hand, Machine & Long-Arm Quilters by Laura Lee Fritz.  I would probably never use this book for its intended purposes. I would use it because it has so many examples of shapes that I might embroider or use as patterns for applique. I don’t draw so I need all the help I can get. There are 250 very useful drawing to inspire me and you.  Order by following this link.
The Little Spark, 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity by Carrie Bloomston. Oprah saw this book and I’m sure her recommendation must have made it a best seller.  I wanted it after Oprah found it inspiring. The cover says, “Find the gifts that come from doing what you really love---joy, connection, meaning, and contentment.” Order by following this link.
The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt. This book is not brand new. It was published in 2015.  It has been on top of my clothes dryer waiting for me to pay attention to it. I WOULD LIKE TO PROPOSE THAT WE MAKE A QUILT TOGETHER. COULD WE EACH USE THIS BOOK TO MAKE ONE LITTLE BLOCK A WEEK OUT OF OUR SCRAPS? I think we could make a pretty special quilt if we had someone to be accountable (is that called nagging?) to make the blocks. Want  to try it? I’m up for it if you are. Just order the book and we’ll get on with it. In the book and on the accompanying CD, you’ll find everything you need to create your own 1930’s sampler quilt. There are 99 six-inch blocks. The pieces are so small I am certain I can use any of the scraps I have collected over the years—not strictly depression era fabrics. Order by following this link.
It's time for the 4th Annual Gallatin History Museum Barn Tour! Follow this link for all the details.


Still have a one or two each of these Sale Patterns!  Now 25% OFF! Order by clicking on pictures or names.

Sending My Love

May Basket by Magenta Rose





A little pocket could be sewn on the back of the heart. A pretty special way to give $$'s to a graduate, grandmother or mother, bride. Anyone who would enjoy the keepsake embroidered heart!


Hope by Crabapple Hill




June 12-14 and September 15-18. Please consider the Spring or Fall Quilting In The Country Retreats at the remarkable Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. Outside of Bozeman on your way to Yellowstone National Park, the ranch is one of Big Sky's oldest dude ranches.

The June Retreat is 2 nights, the September retreat is 3! FSeptember is longer and will give you time to finish the theme project and work on your own projects. Rest, read, hike and just generally relax with your old and new friends. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Too bad it isn’t next week! If you’ve been planning to attend one of my retreats—now might just be the perfect time. Please don’t procrastinate. Join me! You'll love the project (pictures to come soon!) -- the Montana Star with needle felted flowers.   

June 12-14, ONLY 2 nights,  $399.
September 15-18, ONLY 3 nights, $525.