Barn Tour Wrap-Up

May 28th, 2016

Burr…. It’s cold and rainy. Somehow this weather is comforting. When we moved to Bozeman decades ago I absolutely hated this weather. I was aware it was spring like in other parts of the country. Over the years the weather has moderated but it doesn’t seem normal to me. We could always count on blooming lilacs at the time of Bozeman High graduation. Our lilacs are bloomed out and graduation is still one week away.


The Barn Weekend Events went well. It’s amazing how popular pie and ice cream were. I contributed Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I was curious what would be the most popular of the various flavors of pies served. First choice was Lemon Meringue, then Apple, followed by Strawberry Rhubarb. I used my recipe from the Quilting in the Country Daily Desserts book.

If you would like your own copy you can follow this link.

Both the lecture and tour were educational and fun.  Traveling by school bus on country roads is very refreshing. No shortcuts on major highways! I’m pleased that the Gallatin History Museum emphasis on barns has been a success.

Even the bus driver, a MSU engineering student, had fun!

Since January Bill and I have been taking a Master Gardening Class. One of the side option benefits was taking a tree grafting class. Last week I took a Papercrete class held at the MSU Plant Growth Center.  It was lots of fun.    
You may be wondering what Papercrete is. I’m copying words from the first paragraph of our class handouts. “In any given year a little over 55 percent of paper created in the United States is discarded. That amounts to 48 million tons or the equivalent of 720 million trees that are used once and then buried in a landfill. Here is an idea which you can use to turn discarded paper into something useful! Using a simple recipe of paper pulp, Portland cement, and various other ingredients you can create weatherproof containers for planting or a variety of sculptures.”


It was lots of fun- especially since all the prep work was done by the instructor. If you’d like additional information follow this link.

Speaking of reusing newspapers. Our longtime friend asked me to make a Chronicle Star Quilt for the lovely home he has completely redone in Billings. We were able to deliver the gift to him when we attended the wonderful Billings-MSU B Wine Festival dinner and cooking class—a generous gift from our longtime Billings friends. Check the Festival out with this link.

I certainly won’t make much of a dent in recycling newspapers using them as foundation for paper piecing the quilt but it is fun. I leave the sheets of the newspaper inside the quilt. A quilt with sound effects! Showing this technique on the Home and Garden Channel is one of my career highlights.
The quilt from antique men’s silk ties was perfect for our single friend. He was quick to hang the quilt and email us a photo. If you’d like to create one yourself my pattern will be helpful. Let me know if you would like me to schedule a class. Order the pattern with this link.

There is still time to join me at the June 12-14 Retreat at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. I know it will be a special time and you can see the batiks in our project will make a stunning quilt! Call to sign up. 406-587-8213.


These Grab Bags of Goodies have been so popular! I can still make a few more so place your order soon. I have leather thimbles, silk ribbon, hand and machine needles, buttons and patterns galore to name a few. I'd love to send you a special "Grab Basket" of 20 items for $10! How fun to have this arrive in your mail. Order by following this link.

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Here are some more books from my collection that I would love to pass on to you at special savings. You can follow the links to find out more about each book. Again, don't pay postage if you're local!

This Old House

This I Accomplish

Jane found these fun card collections in the midst of her cleaning/organizing. There are five different sets and each have the patterns to make the 8 block patterns seen on the top card.

Five Sets of 8. $6/piece or you can email Jane to make an offer for all 5 sets at once. What a fun sampler quilt they would make with 40 different blocks or you can give the sets out as gifts. Order by following this link.



June 12-14 and September 15-18. Please consider the Spring or Fall Quilting In The Country Retreats at the remarkable Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. Outside of Bozeman on your way to Yellowstone National Park, the ranch is one of Big Sky's oldest dude ranches.

The June Retreat is 2 nights, the September retreat is 3! FSeptember is longer and will give you time to finish the theme project and work on your own projects. Rest, read, hike and just generally relax with your old and new friends. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Too bad it isn’t next week! If you’ve been planning to attend one of my retreats—now might just be the perfect time. Please don’t procrastinate. Join me! You'll love the project (pictures to come soon!) -- the Montana Star with needle felted flowers.   

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