25th Annual Cookie Exchange!

December 4th, 2016

We’re excited to announce our Quilting in the Country 25th annual Cookie Exchange!!! We hope you can join us!   Dec. 10, 1pm.

Bring cookies to exchange and recipes too. Invited guest author: Rachel Phillips. Her new books is, Legendary Locals of Bozeman. Rachel is the research coordinator at the Gallatin History Museum in Bozeman, where she enjoys digging up fascinating tales and amazing photographs like the those found in the book. You’ll enjoy learning the history of some of the unique individuals and groups, past and present, who have made a memorable impact on their community throughout its history. Think about holiday gift giving and ask Rachel to autograph a book for someone on your list.


Thanksgiving was very special this year. I’ve been attempting to make the Bunkhouse look cute. I generally don’t think of myself as someone who does “cute”, but shaping up the Bunkhouse has been different. I did get the Bunkhouse set up just the way I wanted it. Longtime friends who invited us to our first Montana Thanksgiving visited. Our son Paul was born the next day after that T ’day. We always know how long we’ve been friends….47 years….because we know how old Paul is. Now our friends live in Billings. Their son from Billings, daughter and granddaughter from LA, Paul and Emmy, and our daughter Anne and family from Denver where here.
Fourteen of us sat around a long table in the back room of the Bunkhouse. The tables were covered with rag rugs.  And we polished up our kerosene lanterns and they provided the atmosphere. I bought a dozen roses and some herbs and placed them in old glass bottles and jars. We used ironstone dishes from long ago and vintage pint jars for water. I got out flannel, fringed napkins I had made some time ago. Actually they were fringed by employees who were bored while working in the shop. I love them because they don’t need to be ironed. We had all the traditional food and were able to serve it from the big, cutting table leftover from the shop. We enjoyed the friendship, fellowship and especially remembered how much we have to be thankful for this year.  


Crazy Quilting with Attitude by Barbara Randle

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to the age-old art of crazy quilting, look no further. There are throw pillows, lampshades, purses, scarves,  lots of artsy projects your great grandmother could never have imagined. Included in the chapter on traditional crazy quilting techniques, how to choose and mix colors, and some embellishment ideas that will take your creations over the top. Original price was $21.99. Now just $11.99. Order by replying to this email (local folks arrange for pick up!) or follow this link.


 Linen Heirlooms-Vintage Linens

From Can Do Originals. This book has charming, darling designs. Quick! Order it before I change my mind about selling it! Order by replying to this email (local folks arrange for pick up!) or follow this link.


A Patchwork Christmas by Margit Echols 

Margit was a very popular patchwork designer in the 1980’s. The charm of her work is still desirable.  I bought this book from the estate sale of my boss, Marilyn Brophy who owned the Patchworks, the first quilt show in MT. It is a special book. Leather bound. Copyright is 1987. Order by replying to this email (local folks arrange for pick up!) or follow this link.






Beautiful Pillow

This unfinished pillow was given to me by the daughters of a very special quilting mentor. I have kept it for many years. Finally I’ve decided that someone who loves this beautiful thing should finish and enjoy it! Please give it a new home. Order by replying to this email (local folks arrange for pick up!) or follow this link.