Quilt Inspirations from Las Vegas

March 27th, 2017

Spring is finally here…………and not a moment too soon. Open a window and let the sun shine in. We’re ready to take a fresh look at the new season though new eyes. We’ve been away. First we visited Las Vegas where Bill attended a veterinary conference. From there we rented a car and drove to Redlands, CA where our granddaughter attends the University of Redlands and plays on the college lacrosse team. We helped Quinn celebrate her 21st birthday. That was fun!


Anne and Quinn

I’m always attracted to beautiful floors. How about applique and piecing?


There’s a lot to delight in when you get away, of course. One quick conclusion:  It’s all about letting the details of a new place make a difference—and then let them soak in before you get too ingrained in being back and home and in the routine. Here are some pictures from our time in Las Vegas. I can find inspirations for quilts everywhere!

I took several photos in an upscale shopping area. One jacket I spied was made from woven squares using pearle cotton. The price on one vest was $3500. I was afraid to try it on! 

How about using these colors for a new quilt?


Can you image sewing on and then wearing this many buttons?

Yes, all these could be used in one quilt. Love the colors.

When I first spotted the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat outside our hotel I thought they were the loveliest plastic flamingos I had ever seen. I was shocked when one of them moved! The Wildlife Habitat was established in 1995 and is currently home to over 60 exotic birds, as well as 20 turtles and 300+ large fish.

The wildlife biologist is passionate about the care of the wildlife. Feedings are held at 8:30 and 2pm on Pelican Island.   This was my favorite part of our Las Vegas stay. Yes, I know that is very strange. Maybe it has something to do with living in Bozeman and not a large city!


I have a few little items you may be interested in purchasing.  Enjoy preparations for Easter.




​Leaping Into Spring

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