QIC Annual Cookie Exchange

December 4th, 2017

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.

Here’s hoping that you had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration. This recipe is a favorite. I made the dish from Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.


Our family and friends surround the T-day table


½ C. chopped onion
½ C.  green pepper
3 T. butter
4 oz. fresh chopped mushrooms
¼ C. chopped pimientos
1 (10 ½ oz.) can cream of chicken soup
1/3 C. milk
½ teas. basil
8 lasagna noodles
1 ½  C. cottage cheese
3 C. cubed cooked turkey
2 C. grated cheddar cheese
½ Grated Parmesan cheese

Sauté onions and pepper in butter until tender.  Stir in mushrooms, pimientos, soup, milk, and basil. Heat well.
Arrange ½ noodles (uncooked) in greased  13”x9”x2” baking dish. Then layer in half of sauce, ½ cottage cheese, ½ of turkey, ½ of cheese, ½ of parmesan. Repeat layers ending with parmesan. Add  ½ C. water because of uncooked noodles.  Bake at 350’ for 45 minutes.

Bill, our son Paul, and friend David

The turkey was the best ever. Bill brined, then injected and stuffed the turkey before he smoked  it on our new Traeger Grill. We’re lucky to still have enough leftovers so that I can make Turkey Enchiladas. I wonder why we don’t prepare a turkey more than once a year? It is so delicious and economical.

As we approach the Christmas holidays we continue to give thanks.  During this special season, we renew our ties to family, friends and all those people who mean so much to us. In this spirit of reconnecting, we are especially encouraged  to nurture the friends and family in our life.
It’s been several months since I’ve emailed you. We attended a lovely reunion of Bill’s Irish relatives in Canada.  We loved the Old City of Quebec. The trip was educational and fun. Perhaps you would still be interested in a report from Bill.


We all participated in the Huffing for Stuffing Run

Our dear friend Wendy died from cancer shortly we returned from the Canadian trip. Wendy did not want an obituary or a funeral. It was her wish to celebrate her life with a “party” in a barn. We were pleased to host the “party” in our barn. Wendy had spent much time teaching the Quilting in the Country Wooden Painted Barn Quilt classes.


The memorial gathering  was very special. Wendy had so many friends. Hundreds of people arrived parking in our pasture to celebrate Wendy’s life in  pouring rain. We all felt Wendy’s presence as we crowded in the barn and under the tents we had pitched.


Friends made cloth birds and gave to friends as a remembrance of Wendy


Wendy’s family had asked me say a few words in memory of their mother. I felt blessed to have such a friend nearly 50 years. 

I concluded my words and thoughts of my dear friend will this poetry by Joan Stephen.  It says so much about Wendy.
Be a seeker of visions---
And a hunter of dreams. Be alert and excited
And proud of your life.
Dance with all music
And sing with all songs.
Be awestruck with wonder
And inspired by nature.
Shun what is wrong;
Show wisdom and class.
Honor each promise;
Love friend and foe.
Laugh with the happy
And cry with the sad---
Live for tomorrow----
But save yesterday.
Run with the wind
And savor  the moment.

Wendy and a fabulous cake she made


An Important Announcement

25th Annual Annual Quilting in the Country Cookie Exchange

Saturday December 16th 1:00pm 5100 S 19th Rd

I hope you’ve been looking forward to our annual event. Hosting the Quilting in the Country Cookie Exchange has been an extra special event for 25 year. Please bring cookies and a recipe to share. Be ready to enjoy our historic home decorated with quilts.   
Be ready to share some cookies, enjoy seeing old acquaintances and making some new friends. It’s all about tradition!

Each year I wonder who I will find to provide our entertainment. Just in time for the holidays my friend Eileen Tenney introduced her new book Amelia Darehart, The Most Daring Snail Of Her Time. This is a story about a common garden snail’s tremendous adventure which includes: friendship, sadness, bravery, determination, fear, joy and most of all kindness. Amelia is written and illustrated by Eileen. Eileen didn’t plan it this way but the whimsical illustrations are appropriate for needlework and perhaps rug punching. The amazing designs will fill your heart with cheer.
Please stop by to meet Eileen. You may wish to purchase an autographed copy of the Amelia Darehart book.  Eileen is one of the most talented, generous persons I’ve ever known. Sharing the book and the life story of Eileen is an honor. Learn all the ways Eileen has added to our community.  She is a gift to all of us!!



Pineapple Passion. That Patchwork Place by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan. 1989.
Many of you may remember the Denver-based retail store, Great American Quilt Factory, Inc.  Over the years I loved shopping there. My daughter lived within walking distance of GAQF and a great antique store. I was thrilled to teach at the great shop.
Pineapple, is a variation of Log Cabin.  You will  love this method which is wonderful and addictive in the most positive sense of the word.  I taught from this book for many classes at Patchworks  and still enjoy the welcoming quilts I constructed. Order by following this link or responding to this email.

A Bushel Of Apples. By Laurene Sinema and Janet Carruth.

Meeting Janet at Quilt Market was a bit of serendipity. Janet visited Quilting in the Country several times- teaching her style of wool rug hooking. In fact Janet was one of the first to introduce rug hooking at Quilting in the Country.T his darling book is all about all sort of Apple projects. Recipes too! It’s a winner!  Copyright 1981. Perfect season to use this book. Order by following this link or responding to this email.

Fun and Fancy Machine Quiltmaking. By Lois Smith. 

American Quilter’s Society.  $19.95 .  1989.
The book is dedicated to the twentieth century quilt maker who values efficiency and creativity along with the time honored traditions of quilt making. Not every prospective quilt maker has the opportunity to attend quilt making classes.  This book is intended to be the “teacher by your side.”  Quick order this copy before I change my mind and decide to keep it! Order by following this link or responding to this email.

Plum Creek Christmas. By Johanna Wilson.

Published by Plum Creek Patchwork. The jacket of the book states:  What impels Johanna Wilson along the design highway? I think it is an ingredient of personality that looks at every fabric and sees a thousand options, that studies traditional patterns and divines original arrangements, that spread her own excitement about quilting like a virus to everyone around her. This book contains a unique Christmas collection of small quilts. Order by following this link or responding to this email.

Miniature Quilts Connecting New and Old Worlds. By Tina M. Gravatt.

Published by American Quilters Society in 1996. In this book, the history of the traditional miniatures will unfold as Tina shares her research from museums and libraries in Europe as well as the U.S.  Enjoy the history of these miniatures and create your own versions. Oh how I wish I could show you this remarkable book in person. Order by following this link or responding to this email.

Sewing on the Line-Fast and Easy Foundation Piecing. By Lesly-Claire Greenburg.

Published by That Patchwork Place in 1993. Love to piece but hate templates? Here’s the book for you! Let Lesly-Claire Greenberg show you how easy and accurate it is  to piece Log Cabins and related designs on fabric and paper foundations. You will be able to create irresistible little quilts! Order by following this link or responding to this email.